Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nikon D90 Iphone Application Guide!

Wow, Check this out! Big Ken Rockwell has developed an IPhone app. for the D90! I do love my Iphone so i might have to get this just for fun.......

Nikon D90 Guide

Learn how to use your Nikon D90 camera from the world's most respected instructor: Ken Rockwell, who is world-renowned for his online, plain English guides to using popular cameras and photographic gear.Ken takes you through a practical, hands-on explanations of the camera's many features, functions and settings. As you're reading through the guide, you can touch unfamiliar terms to call up glossary entries for more detailed information, and the interactive, iPhone interface makes it easy to visually identify the camera's controls and to learn what they do and how best to use them. Ken also identifies useful lenses and other accessories and tells you where to look online for the best deals.Read through the entire guide to get to know your camera, then use this app as a handy pocket reference when you have a question about an unfamiliar feature or need some help trying to get a tricky shot. Whether you're an experienced photographer or just starting out, Ken Rockwell's Guide to the Nikon D90 will help you get the most out of your camera.

Check out here at appleshopper

Monday, August 3, 2009

Full Moon Photography with the Nikon D90!

We have a full moon coming in a few days and i thought I'd go over how i set up my D90 to photograph it!
The photo above was taken from my back porch last full moon. First you probably want to wait until the moon is high in the sky and really dark outside for the best results. You'll want at least a 300mm lens but a 200mm lens will also work. If your using a lens with VR don't forget to turn it off while your D90 is on the tripod. Get your Tripod set up with your D90 and set you camera to Manual (M) on the dial. Set your metering to, Center-weighted Metering (not that important but i like to do this) and Manual focus.
Next set your aperture to F/11 and shutter speed to 1/400 for starters. Get out your remote release (ML-L3) to fire off your shots... Adjust your exposure as you shoot to get it just right.
The exposure settings I have given are just a good starting point for you and is what I used on the photo above. That's it, Have Fun! If you have any other suggestions for shooting a full moon please let us know. Always learning.....