Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nikon D90 Free Tethering Software!

Photo from DPS
Tethering - Tethered photography is when you connect your camera to your computer with a Firewire or USB cable. You can use your laptop or desktop. After you create your image, it bypasses the camera and is saved directly to a folder setup on your computer. The tethering software then displays the image and you can clearly see the results on a large computer screen as you shoot.

So I’ve always wanted to try tethering my D90 to my laptop for shooting products and small macro items but never wanted to spend the $130 bucks for Nikons Camera Control Pro 2. Especially since Nikon is the only manufacturer that does not offer this software for free like all the rest.

So I did a little googling and found a free software solution I thought I would share here.

First is DiyphotoBits, it’s free and worked great on both my Windows XP laptop and my Windows 7 desktop….I downloaded the software and started shooting within 5 minutes and its very cool. You can even control the shutter and other commands from your computer. Did I mention It’s Free!

For Mac users this free software seems to be the most popular. It’s called Sofortbild

Other Free Tethering software I found but have not tried.

Loligo Tether
Studio Tether (donation requested)

Have Fun!


Mike Buettner said...

Also Sofortbild for the Mac:


funkymacgirl said...

great post..

Hashem Rifai said...

this blog is exactly what i needed. thank yooooouuu!!!!!

Scbbbc said...

Thanks Hashem, have fun!

Amir said...

i need blue crane DVD advanced technique Vol.2
it's about two weeks that I'm searching but,i could not find the link download on internet(share sites,torrent,...)
I Do not have access,because i'm living in iran,could you help me please,adn tell how could i find it?!

Anonymous said...

This is a great help, thanks mate

XenMaster said...

AWSOMEE !! .. THank you soo much for this post

Karl said...

I visit this Blog often. PLEASE never take it down!

In the mean time, while looking for remote control software I came across CameraRC. It appears to be rather new but quite well worked out. I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for tethering software to check this out - camerarc.com.

Karl said...

Sorry if there was a repeat there I missed the note that said you will review the post. I thought it just didn't take.

I mean what I said about your Blog. I'm contacting you this way as I can't find an email address for you.

Feel free to use my first name with the post. In the mean time, I'm Karl at kdhenry@att.com. And a dedicated D90 user!

Variagya said...

is there any way in which we can record video from computer , via d90 ?