Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Best Place to Buy a Nikon D90?

So were did you all buy your Nikon D90? Their seems to be a lot of choices online to purchase a D90 but finding a good reputable dealer is the key to me. I'd like to buy from our local camera chain store but the prices compared to buying online is just  to big of a gap,even with shipping. For online customer service and no hassle returns I’d have to say Amazon is one of the best. They also have the D90 available in all sorts of configurations. B&H is another good choice for online sales of the D90. Ebay is where I bought mine but make sure the seller has a good track record (feedback) before you bid. Another reputable online store is Adorama which has a nice selection of gear and is also a great place to order your prints. Ritz camera is another but they seem to have higher prices….For first time online purchasers I’d really suggest Amazon since you won’t have any problems and if you do they will take care of you!