Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Cleaning your Nikon D90 Camera

With your D90 being a big investment you want to keep it as clean as possible. I was cleaning mine yesterday along with my lenses and thought I’d blog a little from the book on cleaning your camera. Here’s the short of it…

Use a blower to remove dust and lint, then wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth. After using the D90 at the beach or seaside, wipe off sand with a cloth lightly dampened in distilled water and dry thoroughly.

These glass elements are easily damaged. Remove dust and lint with a blower, if using an aerosol blower; keep the can vertical to prevent the discharge of liquid. To remove fingerprints and other stains, apply a small amount of lens cleaner to a soft cloth and clean with care

Remove dust and lint with a blower. When removing finger prints and other stains, wipe the surface lightly with a soft cloth or chamois leather. Do not apply pressure, as this could result in damage or malfunction.

Note: Do not use alcohol, thinner, or other volatile chemicals.

The image sensor that acts as the cameras picture element is fitted with a low-pass filter to prevent moiré. If you suspect that dirt or dust on the filter is appearing in photographs, you can clean the filter using the Clean Image Sensor option in the setup menu. The filter can be cleaned at any time using the Clean Now option, or cleaning can be performed automatically when the camera is turned on or off

Cleaning is performed by vibrating the image sensor. If dust can not be fully removed using the options in Clean Image Sensor menu, clean the images sensor manually or consult a Nikon authorized company to clean for you.