Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nikon D90 Tips and Tricks!

So now that the D90 has been out for a couple of years I’m sure some of you have some great tips and tricks up your sleeve! I thought it might be a good time for you all to add some helpful tips and tricks for others to try with their D90.

Just post them in the comments and let’s see what we end up with.

A couple of my favorites that I use a lot are:

Reformatting the disk: Holding down the two buttons at the same time for a couple of seconds then hitting them again and your scan card is all formatted back to blank. I do this every time I’m done downloading my photos to my computer.

Auto-FP High Speed Sync is another feature I use a lot….This allows you to use faster shutter speeds with flash….No longer stuck using the limited 1/200 shutter speed with flash. Now you can use whatever shutter speed you want with your speed flash.

So come on share your tips and tricks….