Sunday, January 6, 2013

D90 White Balance Tip!

Here's a great D90 White Balance tip from Mark Belliveau called:

Nikon D90 Tip for Fine Tuning a Preset Manual White Balance
One of the most important settings for getting the look you want right out of the camera is white balance. Nikon cameras have had the ability to warm or cool a given white balance setting for some time. For example if you like warmer images you can set your white balance setting to auto with A6 (for amber 6) which will perform the usual auto white balancing then warm it up +6 in the amber direction so to speak. Of course you can accomplish the opposite if you prefer cooler images by dialing in B1 up to B6 for bluer, cooler images. All of this can be accomplished by pressing WB (white balance) button on the back of the D90 and using the command and sub-command dials to select Auto and A6.

This is great, and it can be done separately for each white balance setting (e.g. Incandescent, Fluorescent, Direct Sunlight, Flash, etc...). At first glance however it does not appear possible with the Preset Manual white balance settings, since neither command or sub-command dials alter the blue or amber component of that WB setting when the WB button is pressed. Fortunately if you choose the Preset Manual white balance setting via the menus, rather than the WB button, you can then alter the amber or blue compensation as it were.

So if you are shooting under difficult lighting, like a combination of fluorescent and incandescent, where your best bet is a Preset Manual white balance, but you still want to warm or cool it a bit, now you know how.
Thanks Mark! you can check out Marks Photo web site here