Friday, December 5, 2008

Nikon D90 For Dummies!

Like previous For Dummies books on Nikon cameras, this book assumes no prior dSLR experience as it helps readers take control of their camera. Parts include: Fast Track to Super Snaps - a tour of the camera body, shooting in auto mode, working with file size and quality, and using the viewscreen to set up, shoot, and review photos.

Taking Creative Control - a hands-on how to on shifting out of automatic mode and using the camera's lighting, exposure, focus, and color features. This section also covers the new video option included on the camera.
Working With Picture Files - covers the important steps of getting photos from the camera to a PC, developing an effective file system, and sharing photos via print, online, or other means.

The Part of Tens - the traditional closer of all For Dummies titles, author Julie King offers photo retouching tips and unique features of the camera to apply to certain shooting situations.

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