Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Manfrotto 725B Digi Tripod For your D90!

Manfrotto 725B Digi Tripod with Integrated Ball Head with Dove Tail Plate and Carrying Bag (Black)

I received this Tripod for Christmas from my girlfriend and i love it! It's definitely way better then my Promaster 6100 i have been using. The ball head is awesome and I'll never go back to the conventional type tripod again! I have used this with my D90, 70-300 vr and SB600 with no problem! Having just one knob to turn and re-compose is great. I would definitely recommend this Tripod for anyone that does not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a tripod and still get a ball head type tripod.

You can read more about it here!


Ed said...

Are you still loving your 725B?
Do you know if the 728B is better?


Scbbbc said...

Hello Ed, thats funny you ask! just last weekend we were on vacation up in the mountains and i standing in a creek photographing the little waterfalls coming down and remember saying to myself, "dang i love this little tripod" lol. So i would have to say yes i still love it. I'm not familiar with the 728B so i cant compare. I really like the ball head type and don't think I'll ever change.

Ed said...

Thanks for the quick reply.
I was looking at the 725b since reading your post, but I just received a weekly flyer for a local camera store and they have the 728b on sale this week. It is $30 more, so I am thinking it is a bit better, but I will go and check the two of them out.
I have an older tripod, name unknown, and when I flipped the head over to a portrait composition, my D90 with the 18-105 would not stay in the proper position. It kept falling down because of the weight, which I don't think is really heavy.
I want a new tripod that will hold my camera in any position I require.
Once again, thanks.

JP said...

My boyfriend has a D90 and I've been looking for a tripod for him. When I saw your post, it sounded like the perfect thing. But after shopping a bit (Amazon, Adorama), this particular tripod appears to be no longer available. Do you have an alternate recommendation?
Thanks for the blog - great tips!

Scbbbc said...

Hey JP, Sorry for the delay! I see buy.com still has the 725b but it has been replaced with the new Manfrotto 7302YB! Try goggling that..