Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nikon D90 Underwater Case!

Well I'm not to sure how well this works but if someone has tried it or others similar please let us know! I found this at Amazon while looking for something weather proof.

DiCAPac is the trusted, reliable and affordable case that will convert your camera in to a waterproof and weatherproof camera in no time. No matter how messy the situation is, this JIS IPX8 approved case will protect your camera against water, sand, and dust while also allowing you to take crystal clear pictures underwater. The patented "Roll & Velcro" zipper closure system provides two levels of protection to keep your case completely watertight, while the clear panels and flexible material allows you to maintain complete control over all your camera's functions. It even floats when you drop it in water! This DiCAPac case is specially engineered to fit most popular SLR & DSLR cameras.


Chinazhoumom said...

I have one of these for my sony pt n shoot (can't imagine taking my d90 into the water - just incase) anyway -I have taken great pics with it!
Carol in FL
ps the underwater pics on my blog were taken with that cover on,

Scbbbc said...

Thanks for the info. Carol in Florida!

Snooker said...

This is probably great if you are going to be shooting in rain or snow. I assume it also offers great protection from sand and other nasty things that tear up cameras.

BUT, don't think that you can go scuba diving or even serious snorkeling with this bag. There is a reason that underwater housings are hardened plastic... water depth exerts pressure which can explode cameras.

For light use, I assume this is just fine. But I still wouldn't be putting a 900 EUR camera in the water in the equivalent of a Zip-Lock bag.

Scbbbc said...

I hear you Snooker! i don't think I'd be going under water with my camera in this thing either...But like you said it might be good for a rainy or dusty event!

adina said...

for snooker...u r so smart