Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nikon D90 Everything Summer Vacation Photo Contest!

ML- L3

Thanks to everyone that entered our little photo contest.......

The winner is FUNKYMACGIRL......... Congratulations!
As promised. It’s contest time! Here’s a chance for you to win a new ML-L3 Nikon Wireless Remote Control for your D90. The Theme of this photo contest is Summer Vacation. Example, summer travels, camping, exotic beaches, baseball, just plain old summer fun.
The first place winner will get the ML-L3 Remote Control.
ML-L3 Remote Control Transmitter Triggers the shutter remotely when using slower shutter speeds to prevent camera movement. Offers immediate release mode and two second delay mode. Range approximately 16 feet in front of camera.

This is how it will work.
1. Theme is Summer Vacation
2. Photo must be from a Nikon D90 only
3. Please include exit data. Just the basics, Lens, Exposure, Aperture, Focal Length, ISO
4. Include Title and Description
5. Link (url) to your submitted photo in the comments.
6. Only 1 picture may be entered
7. Ends Sept 8th 2010

Add all the info above into the comments below along with a link directly to your photo so we can see it. The winner will be picked following the end of the contest and I will ship your prize direct to you from amazon.

Good Luck!

*Sorry but I can only ship in the USA.


Pat said...

Stonehenge, July 2010

Camera Nikon D90
Exposure 0.002 sec (1/500)
Aperture f/8.0
Focal Length 18 mm
Focal Length 18.3 mm
ISO Speed 200

Polisurgist NL said...

Filiatra, Messinia, Greece, July 2010

Camera: Nikon D90
Exposure: 2.0 sec
Aperture: f/22
Focal Length: 25mm
ISO: 100
Exposure Program: Aperture priority
Lens: Nikkor 18-105mm

PS: I don't really care about the prize, I already have a remote control, besides you can not send one outside of the US, so... just enjoy my photo!!!! Thanks!!!!

bobx said...

i dont use flickr, can i email my pic to enter it?

funkymacgirl said...

pismo beach
vr 18-105
auto ISO 250

Scbbbc said...

bobx, Flickr is free as is photobucket, just use one of those free sites to upload your photo to...

Nikki, Ryan, Connor & Aidan said...

Lokrum Island, Croatia
June 2010

Camera Nikon D90
Lens VR 18-105
Aperture f/14.0
Focal Length 18 mm
Auto ISO Speed 200

Hope it's ok, but I posted the pic to my Blog.

D said...

City Of Blinding Lights

Camera Nikon D90
Exposure 0.02 sec (1/50)
Aperture f/5.3
Focal Length 70 mm
Focal Length 71.3 mm
Exposure Bias -2 EV
Flash No Flash
ISO Hi 6400

La Concha beach (Donostia, Basque Country) by night. I didn't have a tripod so I had to rely on high ISO...

Vai Ket said...

File: DSC_0313.JPG
Data Created: 12/8/2010 9:59:51 AM
File Size: 2.69 MB
Image Size: L(2848 x 4288)
Device: Nikon D90
Lens: VR 18-105mm F/3.5-5.6G
Focal Length: 105mm
Aperture: F/6.3
Shutter Speed: 1/400s
Exposure comp: -1.3EV
ISO: 1EV under 200

I am not from US and not hoping to win at all. Just felt like posting this up after seeing the other people's pictures! X)

Dragonfly said...

Hello Everyone!

A new member here! This is my first post!

This photo was taken last Thursday while vacationing in Barcelona, Spain. This photo is of Plaça d'Espanya in Barcelona. It was raining hard but people still gathered to watch Magic Fountain show! Enjoy and thank you!

Nikon D90 (duh!)
Exposure 1/20 sec
Focal Length 35mm
Aperture f/2

Tomas said...

A Picture of my son (13 months old at the time) from his first day on the beach. Shot taken at Myrtle Beach, SC. Pic is linked to my family blog.

Nikon D90
Exposure: 1/125sec
Aperture: f/5.3
Focal Length: 80mm

Vai Ket said...

to dragonfly,

i was just there 2 weeks ago for summer holiday. i was at the fountain in front of that gorgeous building but it was the wrong day to see the fountains, so no water action for me at all. haha. thanks for the picture! i submitted a picture from barcelona too! i wanna go back to holidays!

Robin Hill Photography said...

June 2010 Daytona Beach Vacation

Nikon D90
Focal Length 18.0mm
35mm equivalent (27mm)
ISO 200

patti jeng said...

"Grace Bay Bliss"

After working 7 days a week for two months straight, my boyfriend and I flew to the Turks & Caicos Islands to finally get some R&R. We enjoyed the pristine beaches, perfect blue skies and lovely beach breeze at Grace Bay. I was in bliss!

Nikon D90, 35mm 1.8 lens
Exposure: 1/4000
Aperture: f/2.5
Focal Length: 35mm
ISO: 200

Nedra said...

Camera-Nikon D90
Lens-70-210 mm f/4.0-5.6
Focal Length-70mm

Lobster Boat as Sunrise
Taken at Cape Elizabeth,Maine.
My husband and I went to Maine for a quick 3 day vacation this summer. The food and scenery are wonderful.

nance428 said...

joffre lakes, bc - hiking
Camera Nikon D90
Exposure 1/30
Aperture f/22
Focal Length 18 mm
ISO Speed 400

Ver said...

Huntington Beach

Camera: Nikon D90
Lens: 18-105 Nikkor
Exposure: 1/400 sec
Aperture: f/11
Focal Length: 35mm
ISO Speed: 200

Josefa said...


Camera Nikon D90
Lens 80-200mm Nikon
Exposure 1/800
Aperture f/2.8
Focal Length 200mm
ISO Speed 200

D said...

Congrats to the winner! ;-)

funkymacgirl said...

AND I thought everyone who posted had great picture!!!

nikonsb800 said...

will nikonSb800 useful for D90?

Scbbbc said...

Nikon SB800 would be wonderful on the D90!