Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Lightning, Sound, Laser Trigger for the Nikon D90!

This is one cool new product for the D90. A multi-trigger for capturing lighting, waterdrops, and more!

NERO is a versatile device for photographers to take special photographs by triggering their SLRs or external flashes. The device has been designed based on microcontroller technology. It is equipped with built-in light, laser and sound sensors, also incorporates a timer for flexible control of timelapse photography.

  • Lightning Trigger
  • Sound Trigger
  • Sound Trigger with Lock
  • Time Lapse (1-10 secs)
  • Time Lapse (1-10 mins)
  • Laser Trigger with Delay
  • Laser Trigger with MultiShot
  • Long Exposure
  • Super Bulb
  • Manuel Trigger

  • Read More Here at there Website


    Deepak V Kumar said...

    What is the price for this product?

    Scbbbc said...

    I believe it's $199