Thursday, February 12, 2009

David Busch's Nikon D90 Book!

Now Available

David Busch's new Nikon D90 book - Digital SLR Photography will be done in about a months time and it's going to be great! David has wrote tons of great books and when i had my D40 his Digital field Guide book was with me always! I personally cant wait to get this in my hands. You can check out his web site Here if you like! Now Available Get it here Click Here!

"David Busch's Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography" is a concise introduction and guide to your camera's essential controls and functions. The book provides detailed instructions showing you the how, when, and why of focus modes, flash and lens options, how to choose zoom settings, and which exposure modes are best. Packed with full-color images and examples that illustrate the recommended techniques and settings for your Nikon D90, this book helps photographers of any skill level begin maximizing their equipment as soon as you open the cover!

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Tim said...

Dude. This blog pwns!

Scbbbc said...

Thank's, I hope that's a good thing?

Les said...

Have own my D90 for about 6 months and even though I get excellent comments from people when they see my photos. I absolutely know that I'm not getting all the benefits from the D90. I have looked quite extensively for the right book to not only teach me about my camera but help with my photography. Hopefully it'll teach me enough that one day I'll be good enough to meet David.

Marc Cohen and Elly Hoague said...

Does anyone know whether there is a list of errata in David Busch's Nikon D90 Guide? I have owned the book for only a week, but I have already found errors that should be corrected. E.g., p. 113 misdescribes the location of the green reset buttons as "the D-Lighting button (just southwest of the shutter release) and the Zoom button (the bottom button to the left of the LCD." (The correct description would be "the +/- button (just southeast of the shutter release) and the AF button (the bottom button to the right of the LCD.") It sure would be nice if someone has published (or would publish) a list of these annoying errata, so we can annotate our books. Or at least can provide a way of conveying this information to the author and/or publisher.

Chip said...

I think there is an error on page 110 under Multiple exposure shooting where he says:
1. Choose Multiple Exposure from the Shooting menu.

2. Select Number of Shots... from OK.

The problem is that 3 is the maximum number of shots for multiple exposures, at least on my camera and in the D90 owners manual.

bobx said...

great book. got it off amazon right from the author.