Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Understanding Exposure - Great Book for all Nikon D90 Owners!

This is a great book on understanding Exposure! I have read mine a few times and always refer back to it ever so often, When i first started my photography hobby everyone i talked to said I have to read this book so i finally ordered it and have learned a lot of good stuff from it. It's a very highly acclaimed book from all the great reviews and i can see why.

Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera (Updated Edition) (Paperback)

For serious amateur photographers who already shoot perfectly focused, accurately exposed images but want to be more creative with a camera, here’s the book to consult. More than seventy techniques, both popular and less-familiar approaches, are covered in detail, including advanced exposure, bounced flash and candlelight, infrared, multiple images, soft-focus effects, unusual vantage points, zooming, and other carefully chosen ways to enhance photographs. The A-Z format make sit easy for readers to find a specific technique, and each one is explained in jargon-free language. Top Tips for each technique help readers achieve superb results, even on the first attempt.


Jane said...

I am confused as to where I should start. I bought a D-90. I don't want to just do point and shoot pictures. Do I learn about f-stops first and then about speed or both together. How do the combinations work together? I need some help just to go step-by-step so I can piece everything together.

kodY said...

On a different note, you should write about a suitable bag for D90.

Scbbbc said...

Hello Jane, I wish i could answer that question for you in a quick and easy way but i cant. I would suggest reading as much as possible on the subject and over time it will just come to you! I started out just shooting in Aperture Priority so i could learn depth of Field first. In this setting all you do is set the F-stop you want and the camera sets the shutter speed for the best exposure. If you haven't seen the Nikon D90 Digitutor - Tutorial posted on this blog i would go play with that it helped me a great deal. Also the book Nikon D90 Digital Field Guide will help a ton. Have fun and don't get discouraged theres tons of help on-line for everything you want to know.

Scbbbc said...

KodY, I've been meaning to do that! I just went through the whole which bag should i get thing and finally ended up with the LowPro Slingshot 200 and i love it!