Monday, November 2, 2009

Nikon Iphone App For You and Your D90!

Another cool iphone app from Nikon called Learn & Explore, And it's Free! I downloaded it the other day and its a very cool app to have out in the field.

Nikon is pleased to offer our consumers a new way to access the educational and editorial content found on Nikon’s new Learn & Explore iPhone application now makes this material available to you, whether you are taking pictures close to home or in the field.

From beginning photographer to experienced enthusiast, you are sure to find information on Learn & Explore that is of interest to you—and now that information can go where you go.

Read an article on getting the most from your travel photography while you’re on vacation. Check information on adjusting depth of field or selecting the right shutter speed when you’re taking photos at your child’s sporting event. Access advice on the right aperture for shooting photos indoors when you’re attending a wedding. It’s all there on the Learn & Explore iPhone app. Photography information at your fingertips.

In addition to articles on the fundamentals of photography and various shooting techniques, you can read the four latest issues of Nikon World magazine, complete with images and audio slideshows. Need the definition of a photography term? Check out the Photography Glossary.

The Learn & Explore iPhone app is continually updated with new articles and information. It’s a must for any enthusiastic photographer.

Are you already a Learn & Explore iPhone App user? We’d like to know how you’re enjoying the articles and images.


Paul said...

So far I have really enjoyed this app.
How often will it be updated?
Thanks Nikon

Scbbbc said...

I have also, I just wish they put the exit data on all the photos, that would really help....Not sure when they update but i'm sure it will be soon...have fun.

Mike said...

Not available in Australia ... so its wonderfull to here that you enjoy it! Pity about your oz D90 users.

Paul said...

Looks like Nikon is updating on a regular basis. Great stuff!
I agree with Scbbbc re: exif data on all photos.
Thanks for keeping us up to date!

Scbbbc said...

Updates are coming in fast now and they have added the exif data on most photos! Just what we were asking for......

Obes said...

Not available in Australia ... Sure is lucky Aussie users pay twice what some other countries do for Nikon gear.

That Aussie premium works out so well for us.

No wonder grey imports are so huge.