Monday, April 5, 2010

Mastering HD Video with Your DSLR D90!

Here's a new book geared toward mastering videoing with your DSLR. As far as i know this is the first book on videoing with our D90....

Many of the newest DSLRs include HD video capability, and while the interest from the photography community was initially cool, we have seen a recent shift. Photographers are beginning to explore the video capabilities of their cameras and want to learn about the art and craft of creating high quality video.

In this book learn how to capture and edit video footage, how to achieve the unique "motion picture look " and the effects which have not been possible with standard digital video equipment. The book takes the reader all the way from mastering video concepts, specific video features of their DSLRs, and equipment needed to shoot video, to understanding the restrictions, problems, and pitfalls of shooting video with a DSLR. Using an easy to follow approach of introducing concepts, thoroughly explaining the process of shooting video, and finally presenting step-by-step projects that take the reader from capture to editing. Examples and other useful materials and video clips can be found on the DVD that comes with the book.

Photographers who are ready to give HD video a serious try, as well as videographers interested in exploring the possibilities of DSLRs for their work, will find this book an indispensable source of technical know-how and inspiration.

Check it out Here!

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zulaikha said...

hello..i love to read ur blog..
can i ask u something..
u know how to use external mic for hd video by d90..
i know there is no plug in for if u can tell me how to use external mic because i need use my d90 for's better to use external mic..

*i hope u will answer my question asap