Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New ThickSkin Armor for the Nikon D90

Some new protection for your Nikon D90!

ThickSKIN, Form-Fitting Armor for Nikon D90 Digital SLR Cameras

Guard your dSLR from damage
The ThickSKIN, Form-Fitting Armor for Nikon D90 Digital SLR Cameras will protect your camera from bumps, drops, scrapes, and certain weather elements. The tough, rubberized silicone is form-fitting to your camera and provides it with the utmost protection. Your grip is more firm and secure with the system in place as well. Don't let your camera take abuse, protect it with the Reinforced Camera Guard Protection System today.

Maximum protection for your Nikon D90 dSLR Camera
ThickSKIN, Form-Fitting Armor preserves your Digital SLR Camera from scratches, dust and normal wear-and-tear
Tailored design provides a custom fit for your Nikon D90
Rubberized finish offers a better, more secure grip
Lens guard will fit most lenses up to 85mm

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Finshape said...

Thanks for your blog. i like it. I have also a D90 during one year and it's a great. i saw your last message on thickskin. Nice. So i bought one because i think it's necessary.

My blog :

Do u have something to clean the lens and D90


Scbbbc said...

Hey Finshape, Thanks for stopping by! I like your blog also. Let us know how the thickSkin works out for you. I use this little cleaning pen on my lenses

Finshape said...

I would like information about for my news lens. I have : 18-105mm (Nikkor) - 70-300VR (nikkor) - 50mm 1.8D (nikkor).

I would like news lens :
- one for large wide
- one for a portrait
- One for concert
- and one for fish eye

i saw that you advice the sigma 8-16mm for wide large, is it a good choice for me?

What do you advice me for live concert and portrait.

Do you advice me your lens : tamron 17-70 and tamron 90mm

See you seen

Patty said...

HI Scbbbc,

I just wanted to say thank you for providing us D90 users with efficient and up to date information. I tend to rely on it heavily.

Tracie P said...

I've been following this blog trying so hard to love my D90 - now on to my third and still get error messages every time I touch it. I bought a number of books you recommended to try and get a handle on it but I seem to be having no luck. Any ideas?? I treat it with great care and respect, but right out of the box on #3 (in 4 mths!) I got an error - chg message. If it isn't that, it's the dreaded f-- flashing one. None of this makes it seem like a "great" camera! help!

Scbbbc said...

Patty, Thank you! If you can think of anything you would like to see on here please let me know!

Robyn Jones said...

I have a D-90 as well...I love it, but I am still getting accustomed to it, as I have only had it a couple of months... I would like to link to you if that's ok...

Scbbbc said...

Sure Robin, have fun!